September 17, 2016

Research @ Customer

Research , Quantitative or Qualitative is crucial to understanding the ever dynamic needs of the customer and partners (read stakeholders) . The theme or objective of research in today’s world is to know the shifts in their brand assessment or the lifecycle across  its association with firm /people / brand /presence  as evaluated under the […]

July 9, 2016

Communications Landscape @ Customer

Communications is becoming a vital tool to engage with the customers in our pursuit of connecting and sharing experiences in their ownership journey. The essence of touch point ,mode, media and its periodicity defines the purpose of existence and its related developments with the Brand . The measurable outcome for Goodwill or long term Value […]

June 17, 2016

CRM @ Customer

Customer  relationship management (CRM) is the most sought after  strategic tool which everyone is wanting to explore / put to use for either bettering customer experience  or  deriving best value for  customer over the life cycle  (Return on capital employed to each customer acquired ) or Value derived ( Goodwill + overall business / Efforts […]