June 17, 2016

CRM @ Customer

Customer  relationship management (CRM) is the most sought after  strategic tool which everyone is wanting to explore / put to use for either bettering customer experience  or  deriving best value for  customer over the life cycle  (Return on capital employed to each customer acquired ) or Value derived ( Goodwill + overall business / Efforts made ).

Customers in true sense are either consumers or influencers, active / passive business promoters ,  employees, partners , evangelists, stakeholders  who require proper profiling ( KYC) wrt its distinct needs and expectations and with proper segmentation and targeting , a differentiated positioning with concerted communications is desired to create right impact in the minds of the consumer and also trust is built over the association between them .

The best measure to keep the expectations and measurements thereof  is met through CRM (Customer relationship management) in its manifested form and avatar to be either in B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer)  using Relationship as vital link in the association .

The big debate though remains :

  1. Do we really need to have a separate arrangement called “CRM ” to either actually know them better ?
  2. Do we really need CRM to build trust and accountability ?
  3. Does CRM in any way, bring transparency in working ?
  4. Does CRM bring all stakeholders closer ?
  5. Does CRM by itself can survive any downturn of business ?
  6. Does CRM build a sustainable organization or for that matter Loyal customer ?
  7. Do CRM be the ONLY tool to engage with customers?
  8. Does CRM bring long lasting values beyond social and emotional connect ?
  9. Does CRM bring any material value to business ?
  10. Do we not focus more on product and its constituents rather than forging relationship ?
  11. Do we really need any push for CRM to a customer ?
  12. What can hold a customer , a better product or better service or a better CRM or ALL ?

Much as we wish to either accept or ignore or beat the heat, let this debate continue as we raise this most chased subject called “Customer Relationship management ” and do share your views and thoughts .

Happy reading and hope to see novelty to CRM as consensus ( each customer being privileged )……

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