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A company is only as good as the people it keeps. We recognize people as our key foundation which reflects in our mission statement: “POWER TO CHANGE –INTROSPECT – PERFORM- REWARD is in your hands”. Join us to work with world’s blue chip clients. Send in your details through this online application form.

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Lovely TV is a stakeholder’s connect program establishing direct relationship with employees which enhances their knowledge bank and develops the sense of belongingness among them. It decreases the gap between the employee and the organization and makes sure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being.

As we all know no two people are alike so it is important for every one of us to actually who you are by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, values of life, beliefs, personality, fears, passion and dreams. Knowing yourself is the process of understanding you – the human being – on deeper levels than the surface.  It makes you take a serious look at the way you are living your life.

Infinity offers career development as a basic component of its culture while hiring employees. Here career development means meeting the needs of both organization as well as employee by developing career paths that enables employees to grow and gathering information to determine the skills they need to achieve this.

Infinity has complete career planning for its employees and it assist them to achieve their professional goals through Internal Job Posting (internal promotions) in a fair and transparent manner. It enables the employees to apply for any open job(s) according to their area of interest to increases job satisfaction and also creates a feeling of “they are valued”

Infinity provides homely and friendly work environment offering flexible working arrangements so that employees can give their best to the work.

Infinity is a people centric organization to achieve its financial and other goals by engaging employees, customers, communities and business partners.

Infinity allows employers and employees to make arrangements about working conditions that suit them keeping in mind with certain set of rules. This helps employees maintain a work/life balance and can help employers improve the productivity and efficiency of their business.

Infinity encourages on the job training to new as well as experienced employees that saves time. One the on the job training method – Coaching to employees are given which helps in focusing quickly transferring theory learning to practice.

If you’re someone who always goes beyond the call of duty, someone who does all that can be done, taking that extra mile and making things possible, then Infinity is the place for you. Because here, with every work we do, we strive to make history – ‘creating and making things happen’. We encourage our employees to innovate and make it possible as per one of our values ‘CONNECT-SHARE-COLLABORATE’!

Infinity values employee’s hard-work, dedication and willingness to work so that they do well for the company by contributing in the growth journey. We strongly believe in performance and merit based approach that helps in grooming and overall development of both employee and organization.

Employee Engagement

It is essentially a top down and bottom up approach both. There is a conscious effort by the management to have open door with frequent interaction, town halls and almost real time intimations of key development within the organization being flashed in Lovely TV. Employees are essentially colleagues who all Connect-Share-Collaborate their own WOW moments in the family via Lovely TV. Essentially 360° approach is adopted in every engagement with colleagues.

Our Culture