September 17, 2016

Research @ Customer

Research , Quantitative or Qualitative is crucial to understanding the ever dynamic needs of the customer and partners (read stakeholders) . The theme or objective of research in today’s world is to know the shifts in their brand assessment or the lifecycle across  its association with firm /people / brand /presence  as evaluated under the aegis of  “Customer experience and Customer needs ” .  The challenge though lies in not just articulating the Objective or purpose but also the methodology adopted to gauge the opinion  not only as quick as possible but also without losing the merits or authenticity . Notwithstanding the customer access be it mobile , web, phone or portal  or even third party neutral feedback forums or blogs and digital or social media, does Power of VOICE prevail?

The nature of surveys or research stands out for  its  efficacy , applicability , existential , experiential  purpose and the complexity of  responses ( raw data)collected and its analysis to derive instruments of expression thereby an OUTCOME . The bigger question though is how much of it is advisable on PHONE CATI

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The big debate though remains (if administered on Phone) :

  1. Does Customer really want to express through surveys any more ,given that feedbacks  are now  promptly captured  via two ways ?
  2. Does research need to challenge established notions which are proven from time to time ?
  3. Does Customer offer feedback  which are un aided ?
  4. Does Customer offer quite measured feedback , I mean prefers to take a safe view ?
  5. Does Customer really thank Brand to offer them an option which is they find really very convenient to  execute?
  6. Does Customer find it comfortable to express without being in person ?
  7. Does Customer use this as a means to voice out ?
  8. Does Customer who are reticent freely express ?
  9. Does Customer who are time pressed can schedule their interviews ?
  10. Does Customer get an opportunity to clarify the doubts on the questionnaire thereby giving credible and proper answers ?
  11. Does Customer comprehend the questions ?

Surprising though is the fact that  mode of administering Surveys may have evolved from F2F to tech savy tools  using Tablets , the Power of  VOICE  prevails as that is the biggest  connector  and communicator medium, let this debate continue as we raise this topic called “ Research using Phone CATI ” and do share your views and thoughts .

Happy reading and hope to see VOICE  prevailing ( without prejudice)……

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