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Our journey over the years since childhood has been of discovery, inquisitiveness with a never say die approach to try and solve daily/usual problems with the available resources and with our conviction. What never went down was the enterprising, indomitable, positive approach which was inherited and imbibed by family and middle class values which formed the backbone of our thinking and determination without adopting any shortcuts.

There are numerous opportunities and thereby equally numerous solutions to solve the opportunities/problems at large. When we apply our big idea with the conviction and a road map (though uncertain) to the opportunity, the greed or the material value take s a back seat and the thrill of winning over supersedes any other corresponding impact, and the joy of entrepreneurship takes over.

An inner urge to do something really different which can make social intellectual and value impact to society at large has always inspired us to look out and start something new. The spirit and approach how so ever difficult and green field should not deter from the conviction and courage to stand out and contribute significantly to everyone involved.

Given the longest stint in CRM space, it was usual to confine ourselves in the same domain but the thought, idea was radically different than the usual ones conventionally adopted by all the players in this segment. The big idea was of evolving ourselves as new age CRM Agency and not just a BPO/Call Centre/KPO/Analytics.

The gaps (intellectual/solutions/delivery/future proof) in the CRM Space was felt time and again during my market meets where customers/clients wanted something more with a cutting edge technology and a huge change in mind-set of the service provider/strategic partner. We took upon ourselves to float Infinity eServices (Infinity meaning infinite possibilities using digital & multi-channel voice/non-voice services) and we have tried our level best to match customer’s expectations with our thoughts which made this company to start.

We only hope and pray to God with sincere gratitude to parents that we are able to do justice to our very existence and belief what Infinity eServices stands for!