In Earlier Days

Communication Landscape Outsourcing have become one of the major revenue generators in the telecom industry. Most of the telecom subscribers have started using  and it has become an important service for the customers. Communication Landscape Services are those extra services which are provided to the customers apart from the basic voice services and mostly based on Data.

Communication Landscape Today,

Companies have been forced to reinvent their business models in the smartphone age to stay relevant. “This the era of smartphones and mobile internet, consumers will any day prefer to download an app and use that service over a service traditionally offered by operators. The Internet has changed the digital economy in India. Now, consumers are charged by the app makers. Though current VAS adoption is limited to select set of services, this combination of age, income and people’s mobility promises a great future

Types of Communication Services

SMS Services

Email Services

IVR Services


USSD Services (starting shortly)


Social Media

Community Radio (starting shortly)

Communication Landscape Program Benefits

  • Helps in Decision Making
  • Consumer Behavior Study
  • Increases users ARPU
  • Acceptance and Adaptions
  • Consumer Profiling
  • Consumers are opening up to connect and share feedback across all mediums
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Solutions Deployed


  • Clients
  • Client consumer
  • In-situ

Transition Management

  • Load Balancing Study
  • Infrastructure Requirement
  • Web Study & Migration
  • Application Host
  • Data Cleansing


  • Process Control
  • Quality Control
  • Compliance
  • Communication Calendar


  • VOC
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Audit


  • Mode
  • Methodology
  • Engagement
  • Templates
  • Compliance
  • Response Management
  • Quality Control

IT Services

  • Platform
  • Dashboard & MIS
  • data Mining
  • Business Intelligence


  • Coverage(How Many)
  • Quota (How Much)
  • API for voice/non-voice
  • To connect client server/ database
  • UAT & Maintenance

Application Development & Maintenance

  • Dashboard and view Creation
  • Data Mining
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Maintenance
  • Be-Spoke project-to-project

Benefits to Customer

  • Proper information on time and on you move
  • Can respond back again
  • Keeps customers updated
  • Can be used as document (May be legal)
  • The purpose is served
  • Close looping all CRM activities

Benefits to Business

  • Enhancement tool (More output in less time frame)
  • Very Effective (Best use of money)
  • Used in Business Optimization (Right spent of money)
  • Segmenting targeting and positioning (STP)
  • Increases ARPU
  • Creates a big splash, brand awareness at a lower cost &
  • Large number of user base (around 10 – 15 Crores)
  • Administered across all customer’s touch points
  • Strong profile based
  • Reverse feedback mechanism on the fly for Research & Development
  • Reduces costs thus creating competitive advantage.
  • Saves precious man hours resulting business enhancement
  • Unexplored territory/concepts of surveying
  • Administration is much faster
  • Tap new concepts/un-chartered territories


  • DND
  • Solicited and Non-Solicited
  • User Awareness about Communication services
  • Availability of correct profile information
  • Availability (contactable or non-contactable, pervasive communication)
  • Feedback to what understood is to some extent not fool proof
  • Measured response feedback
  • Database management over a period of time (targeted and updated acc to demographics, psychographic)
  • Privacy (Do customer allow? Their tolerance level?)
  • Interpretation of click to action (Postfacto)
  • Network coverage, media, time of use
  • Network conflict during festival occasions

Business Risks

  • Telecom related compliance issue (DND etc)
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Network Connectivity to avail the Communication Services
  • Rise in Cost (linguistic and personalized communications)
  • Measured feedback (respondent’s identity not getting highlighted)
  • Service acceptance and adoption
  • Management of large customer base
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Planning and developing business strategies for the clients

Conducted time to time research / surveys to actually know the customer behavior, tastes and preferences

Continuous gap analysis study and performance enhancement measures are taken on regularly to cope with the competitive environment.