Real time Customer Experience Enhancement

Customer Experience Enhancement Is About The Total Experience

Customer experience is an ongoing phenomenon which builds an agreed transaction and its consumption and its services. Wherever possible and to the extent possible a customer centric organization and any consumer facing organization must re-orient its ability to either to get customer to experience right the first time and every time but it is equally important to be able to proactively/instinctively mend or get the customer experience the way it should be by making amends. For eg: if a customer has approached a helpdesk and the helpdesk is not in the position or not able to solve the customer query, even before the customer experience going bad, the voice call should get automatically transferred to higher up through systematic intervention realtime. If you bring such delightful changes all of these will lead to customer finding the client/brand customer facing and will be able to relate lot more better.

Customer Experience Enhancement is about understanding that customers judge companies based on the sum total of their interaction with the company and the brand. The idea of customer experience is to evaluate the path that a customer takes through your business. From the initial interaction to when they call your warranty department a year later, what steps do customers take as they journey through your business? Customer experience mapping is useful in large organizations of course. For example, might track how the customer first came to the site — ad, affiliate link, search engine, direct URL — and then analyze every step in the process from reading reviews, to order fulfillment and beyond.

Customer Experience Enhancement is a Holistic Approach to the Customer Experience

Customer Experience Enhancement means looking at each step in the customer experience to determine how to manage the experience at each customer touch-point. Just as important, it means evaluating the transitions between touch-points. It is detailed and ongoing process, embracing the overall concept and looking at your customer experience from the 50,000 foot view is a great exercise that can produce tangible, quick results.

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