July 9, 2016

Communications Landscape @ Customer

Communications is becoming a vital tool to engage with the customers in our pursuit of connecting and sharing experiences in their ownership journey. The essence of touch point ,mode, media and its periodicity defines the purpose of existence and its related developments with the Brand . The measurable outcome for Goodwill or long term Value creation due to sustained Communications is a good tool to assess Ownership experience .

Communications , are offline , online , digital , blended and has its own set of challenges given the boundary drawn by virtue of privacy , compliances ( DND), internal set norms of communications guidelines , time period , nuisance factor and significance of reaching out . The ever changing contours of communication media elements and its grasping power wrt consumers / customers and the efficacy of understanding the content / theme / message is very crucial before we establish any business paradigm.

By creating a Landscape of oasis for set of defined modes/ content/ media / theme / periodicity , we may tend to script a structured response to manage Customer’ s expectations vis a vis Inter Alia Communications . This seems way forward.

The big debate though remains :

  1. Does a structured form of communications under the aegis of “Landscape ”works ?
  2. Does an ever evolving element called Communication can be bucketed or confined to a defined contour ?
  3. Are we really ready with an integrated communications arrangement under One roof ?
  4. How would this new arrangement cover all expectations ?
  5. Do we really need to have a defined Agenda as an Annual Strategy directions for Communications ?
  6. How far this will boost business without being repetitive and nuisance free?
  7. Do we really need this to build trust and accountability ?
  8. Does it in any way, bring transparency in working ?
  9. Does it bring all stakeholders closer ?
  10. Does it build a sustainable organization or for that matter Loyal customer ?
  11. Are we not intruding into their convenience zone of how and where to connect and not vice a versa ?

No matter how we wish to handle communications in its entirety / subtlety , it remains to be seen if we can really create a Landscape around an open item called Communications for digital age consume and do share your views and thoughts .

Happy reading and hope to see debate around completeness of communication at its related impact there of …… ( each customer being different in the manner in which it views communications.

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