Audio Based VOC Analytics

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the need to maximize customer engagement and increase revenue while minimizing the cost of delivering an outstanding customer experience—across all communication channels. Listening to the Voice of Customer (VoC) is incredibly important to any customer-centric business. Customer feedback can help you identify problems that need fixing, along with opportunities for new products and services. Regardless of whether you act on a request, listening also fosters customer loyalty because it says “we care enough to ask for your feedback.”

Our Objective of Audio Voice of Customer (VOC) Analytics

The objective of the Audio Analytics is to develop key signal processing and analytical tools to extract timely, useful, and actionable information from real-time data on a large scale. Specifically, we are aiming to build audio analytical system for 24/7/365 machine-automated monitoring of human environments on a large scale. The systems should be general enough, fast enough, and robust enough to yield useful information from large volumes of audio data.

It is about analyzing the Voice Of Customer (VOC) in a more analytical manner by which we thread it out to let a particular scenario or case represent larger set of population as marketer. It is important for us to understand the impact amongst the every growing strive of problem and opportunities. So, once the adequately represented issue/concern/opportunity is identified what matter the most is, how fast we get on solving it, that would require a mindset change coupled with the attitude to de-couple a well-orchestrated path to un-ravel the mystery. Tools and techniques can only lead you to give you a dashboard or a representation but it must be probed and analyzed in view of present and future dimensions. Relevance holds the key before any action is undertaken.

Why Use Voice Of Customer (VOC) Analytics?

VOC Analytics delivers consistent, contextual, and personalized customer experiences while providing insight for enhancing enterprise performance, customer and employee engagement, and consumer loyalty.

Helps organizations capture customer interactions, feedback, and journeys across multiple channels

Analyzes and interpret them in the context of business objectives and responds more effectively to the customer, business and market demands!

LAUNCHING SHORTLY Audio Based Text Analytics to change the view of your business! IF you wish to get notified about the launching fill in your details we shall contact you then!