In Earlier Days,

Businesses have become sold on the notion that they must make use of their data to derive insight research to gain invaluable information about their competitors and the current market trends. Many organizations have jumped on the analytics bandwagon in recent years. In fact, according to a recent survey 97% of companies with revenues of more than $100 million are using some form of business analytics, up from 90% just two years ago.

Analytics have been used in business since the management exercises in the late 19th century. But analytics began to command more attention in the late 1960s when computers were used in decision support systems. Since then, analytics have changed and formed with the development of systems and tools in the organizations. In later years the business analytics have exploded with the introduction to computers. This change has brought analytics to a whole new level and has made the possibilities endless.

Business analytics is still in the “emerging stage.” Data is the number-one challenge in the adoption or use of business analytics. Companies continue to struggle with data accuracy, consistency, and even access. While business analytics have gone mainstream, most organizations still rely on traditional technology. Spreadsheets are the number-one tool used for business analytics. Companies are looking to analytics to solve big issues, with the primary focus on money: reducing costs, improving the bottom line, and managing risks. Intuition based on business experience is still the driving factor in decision-making. Analytics are used as part of the decision process at varying levels, depending on the organization.

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Solutions Deployed

Infinity works with human agenda and personalized touch having state-wise linguistic callers or specialists to overcome the challenges which is being faced in today’s Survey Research.


  • Clients
  • Consumer
  • In-situ

Program Management

  • Establish Agenda
  • Dashboard
  • Compliance
  • Key Findings
  • Review and Track


  • VOC
  • Key Findings
  • Data Modelling


  • KPI
  • Business Drivers
  • Presentation of findings

Application, Development & Maintenance

  • Platform
  • New avenues
  • Data tenacity
  • Future Ready

Transition Management

  • Infrastructural Requirement
  • Analytics
  • Database & Design
  • UAT & Maintenance

Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Dashboard and view Creation
  • Data Mining
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Spending patterns

3rd Party Integration Services

  • API
  • Relational
  • Batch
  • Multimedia


  • Data Contours
  • Dashboards
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Infrastructural Management

Program Benefits

  • Decision Making and Real Time Performance Measurement
  • Picking early threads and Regression
  • Deep Insights & Brand Equity
  • Impact analysis on visible actions taken
  • Improvised business communication
  • Opportunity for data audit and data cleaning as well
  • Advocacy group
  • Reduction in cost of running a business
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Analytics dashboards or platform

Benefits to Business

  • Helps in faster Decision Making using optimization and simulation
  • Organizations can check and take necessary measures to improve efficiency
  • Improved reporting speed
  • Capturing most valid customer insights
  • Products and services as per the customer’s requirements
  • One more opportunity to bring databases together
  • Capable of making major impact in business

Benefits to Customer

  • Deep insights backed with proper data
  • Nimble foot to embrace changes
  • Proactive business interventions
  • Aids in decision making
  • Superior brand experience
  • Competitive advantage


  • Organization having Analytics Mindset
  • Identification of key result areas/focus to use analytics
  • Having clear business goals setting on analytical pursuits
  • High Maintenance Cost
  • Availability of Business Data
  • Experienced Hands (People proficient or having exposure)
  • Tracking of outcome visa-vi recommendations arriving out of Business Analytics
  • Data Confidentiality and Database Management
  • Organizations still relying on the traditional technology.
  • The adoption of optimized tool to give best results
  • Identifying the right services provider for managing the analytical services
  • The whole review/impact assessment of changes
  • possibility of investment not paying off
  • Significant maintenance costs
  • Requirement of key personnel to manage BI implementation and maintenance

Business Risk

  • Data and information governance risks
  • High implementation costs
  • Risks data confidentiality quality and compliance
  • Inappropriate or premature use of analytics
  • In saying “no” or “not now” to analytics work shall miss the opportunity to get better results
  • Excessive use of analytics may skew the judgement
  • Inappropriate or premature use of analytics
  • Excessive use of analytics may skew the judgement
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Planning and developed business strategies for the clients

Conducted time to time research / surveys to actually know the customer behavior, tastes and preferences

Continuous gap analysis study and performance enhancement measures are taken on regularly to cope with the competitive environment