Text Based VOC Analytics

Text analytics solutions that convert human language into data for business intelligence (BI) and predictive analysis has breathed new life into the time tested VOC business concept. It creates the ability to discern and capture the voice of the customer from online media, such as blogs and forum postings; from email, chat interactions and contact center dialogues; and from surveys and other mechanisms for collecting customer feedback, complementing traditional transactional sources. It is an approach that can guide enterprises in meeting the spectrum of sales, marketing, customer support, brand and reputation management, product and service design, and quality demands. Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiatives can answer that question and help you formulate your response. VOC is not just an extension of customer relationship management (CRM) to the customer experience.

Audio Based VOC Analytics

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the need to maximize customer engagement and increase revenue while minimizing the cost of delivering an outstanding customer experience—across all communication channels. Listening to the Voice of Customer (VOC) is incredibly important to any customer-centric business. Customer feedback can help you identify problems that need fixing, along with opportunities for new products and services. Regardless of whether you act on a request, listening also fosters customer loyalty because it says “we care enough to ask for your feedback.” The objective of the Audio Analytics is to develop key signal processing and analytical tools to extract timely, useful, and actionable information from real-time data on a large scale. Specifically, we are aiming to build audio analytical system for 24/7/365 machine-automated monitoring of human environments on a large scale. The systems should be general enough, fast enough, and robust enough to yield useful information from large volumes of audio data.

Real Time Customer Experience Enhancement

Customer experience is an ongoing phenomenon which builds an agreed transaction and its consumption and its services. Wherever possible and to the extent possible a customer centric organization and any consumer facing organization must re-orient its ability to either to get customer to experience right the first time and every time but it is equally important to be able to proactively/instinctively mend or get the customer experience the way it should be by making amends. For eg: if a customer has approached a helpdesk and the helpdesk is not in the position or not able to solve the customer query, even before the customer experience going bad, the voice call should get automatically transferred to higher up through systematic intervention real-time. If you bring such delightful changes all of these will lead to customer finding the client/brand customer facing and will be able to relate lot more better.