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Line of Business’s White Papers

Loyalty and Rewards White Paper

  • Loyalty and Rewards @CRM Services
  • Loyalty and Rewards @IT Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) White Paper

  • CRM Services
  • IT Services

Communication Landscape Outsourcing White Papers

  • Communication Landscape Outsourcing @CRM Services
  • Communication Landscape Outsourcing @IT Services

Research White Papers

  • Research @CRM Services
  • Research @IT Services

Analytics White Papers

  • Analytics @CRM Services
  • Analytics @IT Services

Line of Business’s Case Studies

Loyalty and Rewards Case Studies

  • Retailer Loyalty Program for one of the Crop Protection Company
  • Tractor Mechanics Loyalty Program

Customer Relation Management Case Studies

  • CRM Program for Retail Business
  • CRM Program for Smartphone Company
  • CRM Program for High End Customer Engagement
  • CRM Program for End-to-End Students Management Program

Communication Landscape Outsourcing Case Study

  • Communication Outsourcing Program for Businesses

Research Case Studies

  • Phone Based Research Program to track Deal-Wise Sales Behavior (C-Sat) for Global Market Research Company
  • Phone Based Research Program to track dealer wise satisfaction across service touch points (C-Sat) for Leading Market Research and Information Group

Analytics Case Studies

  • Strategic Planning using business analytics for a consumer facing business entity