Communication Landscape Outsourcing Case Studies

Communication Landscape Service Program


With customers demanding for more and better services, companies have to deliver superior, technologically-advanced, mobile Communication landscape services. By building applications and offering solutions that are aligned with an enterprise’s business objectives. By offering innovative, easily deployable and cost-effective communication landscape services to your customers gives a chance to tap into new revenue streams, improve ARPU, reduce churn rate and enhance brand image.


A need for a comprehensive value added services based communication landscape for consumer facing entity (farmers) across all their brand lines, some of them specific to the brand and some of them universal in nature. Idea was to outsource communication agenda and plan to an experienced managed services provider who can not only execute and manage the campaigns throughout the year but also give recommendations and advice on the mode and media for effective communications given their past exposure and current analytics

Traditionally, speed has been considered as limiting factor in growth of communication landscape services. India is a young nation with over 64% of its citizens below the age of 34 years and with literacy rate of around 80% amongst the age group of 15-24 years. Though current communication landscape services adoption is limited to select set of services, this combination of age, income and people’s mobility promises a great future.

Program Highlights

Cost Effective Marketing Campaign

Fast decision making tool for business

Linguistic Communication Campaigns

Highly customized and user friendly tool

Real Time Results

Reaching maximum audience in minimum time

Capturing Customer Insights

Customized Communication Landscape as required by the audience

Program Milestones

Universal (common to all brands) IVR Campaigns

Brand 1 – specific IVR Campaigns

Benefits to Business
  • Enhanced tool (More output in less time frame)
  • Very effective (Best use if money)
  • Creates a big splash and brand awareness
  • IVR saves precious man hours resulting in business enhancement
  • Segmenting Targeting and Positioning (STP)
  • Increases ARPU
  • Unexplored territory or concepts for surveying
Benefits to Customer
  • Proper information on time on your move
  • Can respond back again
  • Keeps customers updated
  • Can be used as document (can be legal as well)
  • The purpose is served
  • Close-looping the CRM activities
  • something above and beyond their basic nee
  • Telecom related Compliance issue
  • DND
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Service Acceptance and Adoption
  • Rise in Cost (Linguistic & Personalized Communication)
  • User Awareness about Communication services
  • Availability of correct profile information
  • Management of huge database
  • Measured Feedback Response
  • Feedback to what is understood is to some extent not fool proof
  • Privacy (Do the customer’s allow? Their tolerance level?)
  • Availability (Contactable, Non-Contactable, Pervasive Communication)
  • Network Coverage, Media and Time of use
  • Network Conflict during festival occasions
Vision Ahead
  • Concentration more into IVRs
  • USSD Services
  • Community Radio Services
  • Social Media communication management
  • Automated communication

If you wish to know more about Communication Landscape Outsourcing Program please download the detailed case study document from the link given below!