Research in Earlier Days

To determine whether a particular product/service will satisfy the needs of your customers Business market research is done effectively by companies to gain invaluable information about your competitors, economic shifts, demographics, the current market trends and the spending traits of your customers. Conducting surveys seems simple enough: ask people questions, even Roman Emperors polled their citizens in ancient times. The modern survey depends on four scientific “leaps” made over the last 200 years. Survey research is a young field relative to many scientific domains.


Research Today,

The new techniques are emerging in survey research. Voice recognition software allows businesses to offer rewards to consumers who call in to respond to surveys throughout the day. Researchers now sample respondents from company databases, and survey information is collected in exchange for rewards or even cash payments. Market research and opinion polling will survive as need of information and innovations will continue to modify the methods for the modern survey

Solutions Deployed

Infinity works with human agenda and personalized touch having state-wise linguistic callers or specialists to overcome the challenges which is being faced in today’s Survey Research.


  • Clients
  • Consumer
  • In-situ

Survey Project Management

  • Survey Methodology
  • Survey Response Management
  • Quality Control

Specific Customer Remarks

  • Analysis of remarks
  • Hot listing of sensitive cases


  • Scripting (Screen)
  • MIS
  • Dashboard
  • Coverage (How many)
  • Quota (How much)

Survey Administration

  • Primary language translation
  • Length of interview
  • Mode of survey
  • Objective establishment (when outcome not intervene)

Application, Development & Maintenance

  • Maintenance specifically for regular survey
  • Be-Spoke project-to-project
  • APIs for voice/non-voice
  • To connect client server / database

Transition Management

  • Load Balancing Study
  • Infrastructure Requirement
  • Web Study & Migration
  • Application Host
  • Data Cleansing

Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Dashboard and view Creation
  • Data Mining
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Spending patterns

Research Program Benefits

  • Helps in Decision Making
  • Consumer Behavior Study
  • Picking early threads
  • Acceptance and Adaptions
  • Consumer Profiling
  • Consumers are opening up to connect and share feedback across all mediums
Working men creating global business growth

Benefits to Customer

  • Have liberty to give interviews and more permission based
  • Feedbacks are atleast acknowledged and reported to designated authority
  • Customers getting chance to express/share ideas, thought, feedback
  • Customers can schedule the time in case being unavailable unlike interview which has to be done then and there

Benefits to Business

  • Helps in understanding business feasibility
  • Administered across all customer’s touch points in any mode
  • Here QC is real time/daily/weekly unlike in pen & paper which may weeks
  • Much easier form of data collection
  • Wider coverage in lesser time
  • Low CPI & Faster feedback (Go to market)
  • Unexplored territory/concepts of surveying
  • Coarse corrections immediate, short term to medium term are easier
  • Back checks even on PEPI service


  • Database (existing, latent & potential) schema,DFD, data warehousing dimensioning
  • Consumer Insights and Intelligence (VOC Capture)
  • Extent and Extant of customer engagement vis-a-vis business milestones
  • Moderately expensive (Implementation Cost)
  • Extent & Extant of customer interaction for survey
  • Survey milestones and Business controls
  • Market Dynamics and Catty relevance
  • Business Viability
  • Coordination, flexibility and team work with all stakeholders
  • Scripting & MIS expectations
  • Data cleaning and data confidentiality
  • Moving targets (flexibility required in KPIs)
  • Length of interview/survey
  • Panel respondents (type, demographics, psychographic, availability of time, willingness to give surveys)
  • Superficial Data
  • Expensive to obtain representative Data
  • Incomprehensibility of questionnaire (incase question is not understood then?)
  • Inadequate focus on objective while carrying out the survey
  • To contact people (people sparing time)
  • Theme / Concept
  • Decision to outsource
  • Ease of doing business and the cost
  • Complete understanding of all business process and linkages (FRD, SRS, MIS, Dashboards)
  • Ease of doing business and the cost
when you make a dollar risk information associated with the crisis and business

Business Risks

  • Telecom related compliance issue (DND etc)
  • Data Confidentiality
  • Comprehensibility of the questions
  • Coverage and rise in Cost (due to survey methodology on phone)
  • Measured feedback (respondent’s identity not getting highlighted)
  • Certain of surveys may not go well while administering phone

Planning and developed business strategies for the clients

Conducted time to time research / surveys to actually know the customer behavior, tastes and preferences

Continuous gap analysis study and performance enhancement measures are taken on regularly to cope with the competitive environment.