Loyalty and Rewards White Paper

Loyalty and reward programs have become common place in today’s society and are the destination for daily insights from leading industry blogs. Loyalty Programs were started to extend our reach to a large population of customers who are the once considered as an asset for the business which is used by traditional companies to keep pace with the evolving e-commerce world, and e-commerce sites are using them to boost retention and drive down acquisition costs.


Brings ‘Customer Centricity’

End to End Customer engagement with human touch

Reach , Access & single point of contact

Redemption brings family together

Ease of buying (wish list, within catalogue)

Positive rub off to the conventional sales channel

Stakeholders get a long term outlook to the symbiotic association

Emboldening Quality, Trust & Care

Benfits to Business
  • Warm relationship of repeat business
  • Better customer retention
  • Understanding business of trade partners
  • More credibility in business (seen as a long term partner)
  • Opportunity of tapping e-Commerce (B2E or B2C ordering system)
  • Tracking the secondary purchase pattern

Solutions Deployed


  • Clients
  • Gifting Partners
  • Clients Consumer
  • Engagement Center
  • In-situ

Program Management

  • Experience Management
  • Program Compliance
  • Engagement
  • Communications (linguistic)
  • Program Administration


  • VOC
  • Analytics
  • Consumer Behavior


  • Infrastructural Requirement
  • Analytics
  • Database & Design
  • UAT & Maintenance

IT Services

  • Platform
  • MIS
  • Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence
  • 2nd and 3rd Party Integration


  • Enrollment, Earn, dispatch Redemption, Complaints & Field Management
  • Sales Validation
  • Communications (SMS, Email, IVR)
  • Organizational Message
  • Core Value
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