May 24, 2016


Customer loyalty is one of the most happening event in any marketer dictionary  . Customers are finding it high octane  for when they pay less for more shopping or they save higher by sheer volume of purchase or on every incremental purchases .  They stand to gain on every transaction by either per deal , slabs based on volume , or type of purchase , not to mention , even mode of purchase even gets rewarded like App or desktop or web even phone  ….

Customers who have got themselves registered for the purchase as part of an ecosystem as potential prospect are induced to buy as  “Trial” where they are suitably rewarded for the first purchase and there on , every campaign is built around how to  convert “ Trial “ to “Repeat ” and then more frequent purchases or you can safely say “Loyal ” customer has arrived .

The big debate though remains :

  1. Does Customer need any inducement to build loyalty behavior ?
  2. Does Customer awaits inducements to a prompted response to purchase ?
  3. Does Customer need these inducements ONLY or as MUST HAVE ?
  4. Does Customer loyalty need not gets built around superior product and service experience ?
  5. Does Customer prioritize connect over inducements?
  6. Does Data and facts throw deep insights to support building loyalty consciously ?
  7. Does Loyalty not be built purely on being Most admired Brand ?
  8. Does Loyalty not be built by meeting socio- economic connect with customer TG ?
  9. Does marketer not creating aberration and artificiality into this mutually beneficial and symbiotic association ?
  10. Does Customer engagement add upto loyalty ?

Much to our surprise and predicament and hypothesis , let this debate continue as we raise this most chased event called “Customer loyalty ” and do share your views and thoughts .

Happy reading and hope to see no consensus (each customer being unique)……

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