May 9, 2016

Customer Centricity

There has always been a raging debate on how much customer centric should be an approach for any firm which has customers and trade partners. The customer centric approach believes that customer is at the center of any and every decisions, influences, actions, commitments, philosophy that shapes the approach adopted by any firm. Many a time’s the business data and its inference contradict and throws adverse recommendation to a consumer centric approach and that may be due to following:

  1. Not every customer is genuine with its problem statement and its intent
  2. Not every problem/opportunity can be verified with factual position
  3. Not every customer has every documentation to support facts
  4. Not every customer is aware about their rights and privileges
  5. Not every customer is actually expecting the approach suggested
  6. Not every customer genuinely care for our intent and philosophy behind
  7. Not every customer thinks rationally about such decisions
  8. Not every customer expresses themselves with clear insights

The challenge for any CRM company or the client is always to decipher the undercurrents which form the foundation of the probity behind the nuances and the scenarios that may exists. Equally a bigger challenge is how representative is a particular scenario/how big is this problem that we are trying to fix to behave like a proper customer centric firm.

Much of these challenges are analysed by data and facts with analytics for a rational approach to diagnose and find trends which can throw pointers and recommendations. While we continue to debate on the efficacy of the samples and its probity, the qualitative aspects of customer’s expectation vis-a-vis firm’s belief and ethos towards customer takes the driving seat.

As it is always said and believed, every human-being must be trusted unless proved otherwise. Hence, there is a larger reason for us to believe customer and build our processes and commitments around this.

Let this debate continue and we look forward to your thoughts on how much of Customer Centricity we need to succeed!

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