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1500times better than other products

Online Ordering Major , one of its kind D2H (Direct to Home initiative ever undertaken globally) by Global Beverages Leader , in India in Dec 2013 ,was looking for a CRM and engagement agency who are entrepreneurial , flexible , long term in outlook , strong in solutions and end to end conceptualization to execution and focused for India market and Infinity fitted best . They have been a perfect partner who have walked the talk and delivered in every possible way to ensure customers and stakeholders get value and superior brand experience . The Team is very charged and exuberant and doesn’t buck under pressure . They know the rationale and are passionate about the ultimate goal . The degree of ownership is 100 percent . The success of Online Ordering Major is evident from the business model that as been successfully established dimensioned on the key matrix .We call it as our extended office and we hope we continue to work together for long . Good Luck !!!!

- Senior Manager - e-Comm Practice

We, have worked with Infinity Team under the able leadership of Mr Amarendra Jha. Professional approach of Infinity team is really very impressive and prompt. I wish a great success to them for all future endeavors…Great luck…

- Sales Competency Leader, South Asia- Global Firm Into Crop Protection

Infinity e-Services has been a partner-of-choice for us in all our outreach programs for one of its kind strategic project for 'Retailers Loyalty Program' involving various services such as voice, SMS, IVRs, Apps, interwined with program administration etc. We are associated with Infinity from 2013 and over the last three years we have significantly grown our association – both in terms of volume and scope of engagement. Infinity team brings to the table a unique combination of flexible and fast delivery and scale-up capability, while consistently delivering to quality expectations. As the organization itself has grown, so has their ability to take ownership of entire programs and also contribute strategically to design for future. We would like to wish all the best for Infinity e-Service in all its future endeavors and growth plans!

- XLT Leadership Member - Crop Protection Major

Infinity Has been a trusted provider of CATI Services. Commendable ability to scale up, especially in shorter duration projects!

- Vice President - Automotive Research

We engaged with Infinity services while evaluating business process for our Annual Future Shopping festival where number of participating formats and their line of business are not similar. The scope of the program required a seamless integration around each business operations so that customer can be served well. So CRM was key keeping cost control intact. Team at Infinity helped us to manage the entire process smoothly with single point seamless solution since 2 years in CRM execution.

- Asst. Vice President - Retail pioneer in India

“The association of Infinity and Customer Support with respect to L1 Emergency handling services dates back to 2012 when we wanted to have extended support staff helping us in the administrative functions of emergency handling and we focus on the pure technical aspects. After due diligence Infinity e Services was chosen and since then the relationship has gone from strong to stronger. New areas of work got associated as we moved on with the journey as MTNL Helpdesk and 3PP helpdesk. Performance of the team has been satisfactory and we intend to work more closely with Infinity going forward.”

- India Head Customer Service Operation - Global Project for the World's Largest Telecom Major

Infinity eServices was at a starting stage when I was looking for an external center to help me with services. They showed flexibility in embracing customer requirements and designing solutions to fit our requirements, and kept on doing so enhancing their capabilities and offering more functionality to us. Now, having 4 years of relationship with Infinity in CRM – Helpdesk Services it still remains to be good and feedback oriented.

- Vice President - Global Project for the World's Largest Telecom Major

Success of such educational institution requires a capable partner who can understand the business, customer profile / their need, reach out to them while appropriately engage them to become student of the institution. We found the right partner in Infinity E Services We are associated with Infinity for around 2 years for business development needs where they provide services like outbound calling, CRM and Analytics services that were highly effective in building scale for our student enrollments; it went from strength to strength. What is specifically appreciable is the dedicated team member and CRM Analytics Engine that provided customer insights.

- Business Head & Vice President - Pan Asia's First Energy University

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